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Spring Updates: Rummage items, Volunteers Needed

Spring officially started, and this weekend it finally felt like it. As we begin to see tiny bits of green, we are reminded here at the library that it will soon be time to tend the landscaping. In the past, we had a wonderful volunteer who dedicated many hours each week to fine-tuning the library grounds. Unfortunately, it becomes too much for one person, and we are in search of anyone with a green thumb and an interest in volunteering some time this summer to help us beautify the outdoor space of the library. Our Director tries, but she seems to be better at spreadsheets than she is at knowing what plants need. If you are interested, please contact D for more information.

We once again thank everyone for survey responses and remind you there’s still a week left to complete the survey and return it for a small treat! The information will be extremely helpful as we develop our plan for the next five years of library services, collections, and programs.

Another reminder: Starting Monday April 1st, you can bring in your gently used items for our rummage sale. Fines will be forgiven in exchange for the items, and it would also make a great donation to the library, as all proceeds will pay for library enhancements like our Summer Reading Kick off and 90th Anniversary Party this summer. As you “Marie Kondo” (yes, we believe that’s gaining traction as a verb) your house this Spring, keep us in mind!

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