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A Thank You

I’m sure many of you already noticed our Summer Reading Program was pared down this year. We did not hire the usual list of performers and we do not have in-person programs. However, we have been distributing weekly craft kits for both children and adults and those fly off the shelves. The library also has an online tracking program where you can record your time, and enter drawings for prizes. There’s still several weeks left of the program so you can feel free to jump in now!

In previous years, we’ve requested donations from local businesses to fund our Summer Reading Program. Each year, businesses have generously contributed, usually to the tune of about four to five thousand dollars collectively. It has been the only way we’ve been able to deliver such an amazing series of events every summer. This year, however, there was simply no way to in good conscience request contributions. Not only are we not hiring performers as we have in previous years, but with the statewide closures occurring during the months in which we generally solicit donations, it just didn’t feel right.

We did still require some funding though. The craft kits do require some supplies to assemble, and prizes are also usually a substantial portion of our Summer Reading Program expenditure. Luckily, we unexpectedly still had many donations come in, mostly from individuals who have been committed to providing the library enhancements with their ongoing financial support.

We’d love to thank these individuals and organizations for supporting us in our endeavors. For being the reason we’re able to provide the public these great activity/craft kits and fun prizes.

Thank you to the New Holstein Community Chest, which supports nonprofits through donations and fund-raising efforts in the community.

And thank you to the following individuals and families for their donations:

Sid & Carla Nennig

Grace Flora

Jon & Jacqueline Weir

Phil & Becky Daugherty

The Zimmerman Family

Elayne Niquette

Your generosity is appreciated so greatly, and we extend our deepest gratitude.

And to our participants—keep reading, doing the crafts, and sharing those awesome photos of your completed projects! We love them!

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