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Fun with STEM

A while back we mentioned some of the cool new STEM kits we’ve been playing wit..ahem…I mean processing for circulation. We’re so excited to find they have been going out almost as fast as we can put them on the shelves. It’s nice to think of all those little learners out there having summer activities to fill these hot days. We continue to add to the collection weekly, and a few new ones currently still avialable include:

-Bristlebots: Bristlebots are simple micro robot using a conventional tooth-brush head and micro motors. These were a popular DIY robotics activity using household products and this company made the kits accessible affordably, and requires no soldering iron to assemble. This kit circulates with a design workbook and a notebook for kids to reflect on their activities/share with others what they created and learned! Recommended Ages 10+ (due to small parts, however, we’re not judging! Go ahead and use your discretion)

-Code & Go Robot Mouse: Jack, the fully programmable robot mouse, is ready to follow commands to teach hands-on coding concepts! Create a step-by-step path for Jack using the 30 double-sided coding cards to provide the perfect introduction to coding concepts. Jack lights up, makes sounds, and features 2 speeds and colorful buttons to match coding cards for easy programming and sequencing. Recommended Ages 4+, however, because these are slightly simpler, they’d likely be great for those more tech advanced toddlers as well!

In addition to our new STEM kits, we have a movie collection that was donated to us (back when we could still receive donations!). This is circulating as a temporary collection and includes titles like MacGyver, the full series of Knight Rider, the full collection of Stargate SG-1, Xena: Warrior Princess, and more. So if COVID or the heat has you finding yourself binge watching television series’ or you’re looking to fill 9,328 minutes of time (Stargate at 214 episodes averaging 44 minutes per episode—over 155 hours!!), come take a look at this collection. There’s also plenty of normal-length films to select from!

Finally, we do still have our Summer Reading Program, which will wind down in just a few weeks. It’s definitely not too late to start and earn some tickets toward prizes, which are awarded weekly. There’s also a ton of great grand prize drawings yet to come for kids, and there’s plenty of time to earn tickets for those

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