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A note about our Summer Reading Program Kickoff/90th Anniversary Party:

We were blown away by the number of people who volunteered their time, energy, or resources to make this party possible. Our deepest gratitude goes out to the following people:

Wayne and Avery Katerski, Ally Reindl, Ella and Violet Wolff, Dave and RJ Leithold, Bimbo and Brianna Gifford, and Nate Hankins. All family members of library employees who were volunteered to do things, and graciously spent a beautiful summer Saturday (plus) working their tails off.

Ally and Avery in the food booth.

For taking the time to come down and provide kids an opportunity to get up close to big trucks and fun machines: Jake and Joe Burt (driver and pit crew) of JB Racing, Doug Schneider and Brad Zank of New Holstein Utilities, Steve Gruett and Joe Mayer of Gruett’s Power Center, the New Holstein Fire Department and the New Holstein Public Works Department.

Thank you to Patty Preston for the great Fondy Fire demonstration, and Wendy Rolbiecki for painting all those faces.

Bimbo and Nate, working on chicken.

A huge thank you directly from D to Nina Katerski, Amy Wolff, and Tara Leithold. These library staff formed a committee and went above and beyond their daily duties (for months!) to assemble a wonderful event. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts and for your personal time spent planning, preparing, worrying, and executing. I am so proud of what you created. An additional thanks to the rest of the library staff who despite not being on the committee, called in personal favors, made cookies at home, and just generally ran around for the last month helping put this thing together: Ann Heus, Justine Feldmann, and Renée Jaeckel, your efforts did not go unnoticed. Team work makes the dream work.

Ella testing a cone dished up by Dave.

And finally, to the community: we thank you for coming, we thank you for being our fabulous patrons every day, and we thank you for allowing us to serve you. What lucky employees we are to be tasked with knowing and serving such a fine group of people.

We kicked off summer in a big way. Watch our calendar and check your utility bills for our very full line-up for children and adults. Can’t wait to see you here this summer!

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