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Fun Old Board Minutes Excerpts

The library celebrates the 90th anniversary of a community library here in New Holstein. On June 8th we will have an official party in conjunction with our Summer Reading Program. We’ll be announcing some of those special events as the event draws closer. As a continuation of our ‘Library History’ theme, below are some fun little tidbits we found in the Board Minutes of bygone years. Did you know we save these things forever? We do.

If you’re interested in the library history and the relics we save, whether out of requirement or nostalgia, please join us June 8th from 12-1 when we’ll take a trip down memory lane. Many of our interesting artifacts will be on display and light refreshments will be served.


January 12, 1967: It was suggested to rent the rug in front of the door on a yearly basis.

October 5, 1967: Disbursements:

$ .80 – maintenance

.15 – library supplies

.36 – postage

8.25 – rugs

February 8, 1968: The new parking restrictions across from the library were discussed. It was felt that the stop sign could be moved far enough ahead to allow two parking spaces to remain without endangering the safety of cars or pedestrians.

August 1, 1968: The board was asked for their opinion on distributing books on the Bail ai religion – given as gifts to the library. It was unanimously decided that the library should be a source of information on any religion. The books should be added to the collection.

(A sentiment we share today!)

October 6, 1969: The board approved the hiring of Mrs. John Rolbiecki at $1.45 an hour for one or two afternoons a week from 4-5:30.

(Vern Rolbiecki would go on to be the Director of the library for many years).

January 5, 1970: During 1969 an application was submitted for federal money for an addition to the library. Money was not available at that time for building, however submitting the application did induce board members to think about what could and should be involved in an addition. The Calumet County library system was established.

(A public funding campaign began later in 1970--the new building was finally seen to fruition in 1975, and the library system has since become a collaboration between Manitowoc and Calumet counties).

March 2nd, 1970: The Library Week slogan contest was discussed. All new Holstein 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are asked to complete the slogan, “Everybody Reads Because” in 25 words or less. Prizes will be awarded consisting of paperback copies of Peanuts.

November 2, 1970: The library will have a Name the Gerbil contest during book-week.

(Update from December 7, 1970: ….188 elementary school children submitted names for the Gerbil. “Scamper,” submitted by Jimmie Davis, was selected.)

November 1, 1971: The board approved a contest for Children’s Book Week in which children can guess the amount of money that’s in the barrel. The winner will receive a ticket to the library benefit play, Arsenic and old lace.

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